A Guide to Keep Eye Liner & Mascara from Smudging

Is your eye make-up smearproof enough? 

I was at a make-up gig when a co-make-up artist approached me and asked me “do you have a solution for eye make-up smudging”?  I prepared my highly technical answers based from searching for products that are expensive and hard to find.  I wanted to give her a perfected result of a scientific experiment but the answer is fairly simple : oil makes your product smear.

Both my friend and I have oriental eyes. Oriental eyes = folding lids or no lids at all.  Folding lids + oil = smudging and smearing.  Unless you’re opting for the gothic look smudging eye make-up is a no no.

I’m compiling in a few steps, all that I have learned through the years about ways to minimize smudging.  Remember these few tips and it is sure to give you the natural “no smudge” eye make-up look you’ve been hoping for.

  1. Easy on the eye cream.  Eye creams are really important especially under the eye area.  You should use it sparingly on the lid though, or switch to less oily ones like eye tensing gels.  Try L’oreal’s Revitalift Firming Cream for the upper lids.
  2. If your eyelids are really oily, you may use primers that are intended to minimize oil.  I have tried several mattifiers and one of my favorites is Smashbox Anti-oil / Anti Brilliance primer, available at Beauty Bar.  Just make sure you spread it well & let it dry properly before putting any other product.
  3. If you want to do your colors on the lids you may do it in this step.  For suggestions on highly pigmented eye shadows that don’t crease you may try Motives by Loren Ridinger.  Check out to get discounts on their products.  Their eyeshadows glide on and colors like cream but doesn’t crease.
  4. If you’re skipping the color, this next step is the most important step in keeping your liner and mascara together.  Powder up!  Loose powder is more ideal as it doesn’t have added oil in it.  Just make sure to use a translucent one so it won’t affect the color or your make-up.  You may try Clinique’s Translucent powder, available at any Rustans.  You may also use your favorite pressed powder but apply with a loose eye make-up brush so you remove most of the oil in it.
  5. Now its time for the eyeliner. Man I’ve searched high and lows and always find myself being fooled by eyeliners that promise smudge proofness!  So far only a few have lived up to its promise.  The winners are: Artdeco (although probably discontinued here in the Philippines), Make-up Forever’s AquaLiners & my recent favorite Clinique’s cream shaper for eyes in Egyptian or Black Diamond.
  6. Lastly, to open up the eyes, nothing beats using mascaras.  Again, many have claimed but only a few have delivered! My top picks are the ones that act as tubes wrapping your every lash with the product and sealing it.  They are Maybelline’s Volume Express (you can get practically anywhere), Sephora’s Atomic Volume (available in the US or Canada, come on you have relatives there :p ) , Clinique’s Lash Power Mascara (Triple A rating J ) and Motive’s Lustrafy Waterproof Mascara!


So again, remember the one in bold… powder up. But don’t make yourself look like a clown by putting loads of powder.  The key is still the right product and the right skill.  Message me up for questions.  Til next blog!