Top 3 Long-lasting Foundations

It makes me happy when people pour in their questions when I write something, because it leads me to another topic which I know is of interest to someone.

After I made my Top 3 list of  long-lasting lipsticks, a friend asked me right away what are my top 3 long lasting foundations.  Voila, an idea for another article. 

In my 6 years in this industry, I have tried a number of foundation that can withstand this tropical country.  What may be advertised in other countries as matte may not necessarily be so in this hot and humid country.  You start out fresh after doing the make-up in the hotel but the minute the bride and her entourage steps out of the room, their sweat breaks the “matte” look.

For a foundation to be long-lasting here, it has to withstand the heat and sweat.  So far here are my Top 3 Long-lasting Foundation picks:

1.     RCMA – it is designed for the oily skin and can be thinned for dry skinned people.  But in the Philippines most women think they are oily skinned as they tend to interchange the term with sweaty.  So the formulation can be used for pretty much anyone.  If youre going to use it on aged skin though make sure you put moisturizer on them first.  Since RCMA is a professional line, it is not available in the malls.  You can buy it from a dozen of online sellers importing make-up. Price for 1 oz is around P 1,300 to P 1,400.  Most common shade for filipinas is Shinto


2.     Make-up Forever Mat Velvet + - yes I am a loyal patron of Make-up Forever because its plain and simple – they have good products haha!  This is easy to apply and buildable.  It dries quicker than their usual liquid foundation so be sure  to apply per area and not all over the face right away.  This paired up with their All Mat primer lasts long all through the day.  A bit pricey but hey I can’t emphasize enough “quality has a price”.

3.     Ellana Mineral Concealer & Foundation or Intensive Blend – if you want coverage and long-lastingness without breaking your budget try this!  Recently relaunched in the market and has a new look but still has the same quality product, Ellana’s full coverage formulation in loose powder form promises longevity without the sticky layers.  Order here


I know some of you will say, what no MAC? Well I guess I got tired of MAC already :)  I have other loves too like Kryolan and Naturactor but the article says only “Top 3” :)