My Top 3 Long-lasting / Waterproof Lipstick Brands

As a make-up artist for weddings & debuts here in this hot country of the Philippines, I am always in search for make-up products that will last.  Special emphasis to the lipstick of brides because with all the glass clinking for kisses and the lovey dovey posing for the camera  the lips of the perfectly made-up face ends up with the lipstick transferred or gone!

There are a lot of products that promise hours of staying true but I scrapped most of it because they are mostly dark and not fit for my ethereal brides nor my cream puff debutants.

So I have narrowed down some of the effective lipsticks I’ve tried that has the shades that I want and here are the Top 3 waterproof or long-lasting lipsticks that merited my attention:

1. Covergirl – it is kiss proof, drink proof and “careful” eating proof.  It cannot however resist your burger but if you eat like a lady you’re assured that you will have lipstick even after your meal.  As like most long-lasting lipsticks the formulation of this is drying to the lips, hence, they added a lip balm to go with it.  This is top on my list because their shades are perfect for brides and debutants as well.  My favorite shades are 550, 590 & 555 

2. Make up forever Aqua Rouge – gives you a true color much like a lip tar that lasts you really long.  Its just a bit expensive but hey you pay for quality. Again, since its long lasting ang sticks to your lips well it can be drying as well.  My favorite shade is Satin Soft Pink

3. Mission Impossible by Yet Korea Cosmetics – So far the most non-drying formulation that I have tried.  It has a little bit of perfume though but not too strong to bother my sensitive nose.   My favorite shades are Mary & Dominique.