7 Tips on Preventing Falling Hair

I’m sure there are a lot of girls who can relate with this problem. With all the hair dyes, heated hairstyling equipment, childbirth & stress that women go through - our hair shares the burden by falling and clogging the drain of our shower rooms.  

As a hairstylist I get to be asked this often "how do I prevent falling hair".  Luckily or unluckily I too suffer from Falling Hair and through the years I have discovered a few tips on minimizing it. 

Here are my 7 tips in preventing falling hair:

1. Do not shampoo every day.  Yes you read it right, don’t shampoo every day.  This is what Europeans do and look at their thick and luscious hair.  I know this is hard to do especially in our tropical country but it just takes some getting used to.  Shampoo has very harsh ingredients that hurt our scalp and hair.  Squeaky clean is equal to dry and weak hair.  When you start practicing this you may start by shampooing only every other day.  You can go to the shower, wet your hair, and apply conditioner if you’re conscious of how your hair will smell but skip the shampoo.  You may feel weird in the beginning, like your hair was weighed down or your scalp may start to itch but your scalp will adjust and so will the hair fall.

2. Choose an anti-hair fall shampoo line.  I tried Jason Thin to Thick hair line of shampoo, conditioner and serum from Healthy Options and though it worked for me, it didn’t work for my budget haha!  So I tried all the commercially available brands out there and so far Clear anti-hair fall worked for me.  You can also check other hair thickening products at healthy options like this

3. Drink Biotin – Biotin is vitamin B7 and it aids in healthy hair and nails.  I buy mine from Healthy Options at 250mg.  You may read up more on the benefits of Biotin here 

4. Avoid hot baths – heat opens up pores and hair follicles therefore increasing chances of falling hair.  If you live in cold countries, make the heat setting as low as possible for you head.

5. Hair treatment – when we hear this we usually think hot oils.  Again heat opens up pores, therefore if we do hot oils it will not be in harmony with tip #4.  I suggest use hair treatments that need not be heated so much to work.  I use Argan oil that I buy from Jing Monis Salon.  You may find other hair treatments that are directly targeting falling hair like the one I discussed in # 1 – Jason thin to thick or Novuhair  by Fanny Serrano.

6. Avoid tugging or pulling – as much as possible avoid tight ponytails, or other hairstyles that are too tight it makes your eyes chinky.  Keep it loose and avoid too much damaging procedures like hair dying or heated irons.

7. Stress avoidance, meditation – sometimes no matter what you do your hair won’t stop falling and the more it falls the more stressed you become.  If stress avoidance is not possible, opt for meditation to calm your mind and body.  Exercise particularly yoga will not only help your overall health but your mane’s health as well.

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