Shu Uemura Skin Care Review

Haven’t wrote a blog in such a long time but my recent experience with Shu Uemura’s skincare inspired me to go back to writing. 

Shu Uemura is not new to my ears but I never had the chance to actually try their products as I have only seen around 2 make-up artists on the field using it.  The brand struck me as more of commercial than professional.  But as someone who continues to always find the best option for my clients, I had to try it.

Shu Uemura Philippines was smart enough to have a selling event for make-up artists and give out discount cards with the “exclusive” sounding title – Artist’s Circle.  It did catch my attention and I rushed to the event at Rockwell right after my make-up gig that day.

The minute I went in, I heard someone call out my name.  It was Juvy, a girl I met while I was a freelance make-up artist for Clinique.  Luckily, I know someone who will walk me through the products.  She kept on pushing the skincare of Shu, but I had a goal. I was there to buy make-up, not skincare.  So I got make-up and loads of it :)  I didn’t try a single skincare that day.

I guess fate wanted me to try the skincare line coz I bumped into Juvy again.  This time in Edsa Shangrila, the branch she is assigned at.  Again, I bought more make-up and ignoring Juvy’s persistence on trying the skincare.  I was loyal to Clinique as my ultra sensitive skin is very picky. She was smart enough though to give me samples of Shu Uemura’s skin care just so I will experience it. 

My experimentation begins.  I stopped all of the existing skin care products I was using and totally shifted to the Shu Uemura’s samplers that I got.  I didn’t want the products mixing up so I wont get confused just in case I get a skin reaction. 

I followed the following Skin Care steps:

1. I used the cleansing oil first and followed what Juvy told me.  She said that I can use it directly into my skin and by massaging it on my face my make-up will be removed.  After that I can wet it a little for it to emulsify, and when it does it acts as a liquid soap.  Then I can rinse it off.  So with just one product I got the benefits of a make-up remover and facial wash in one.  Fabulous! If you want to see the cleansing oil, here is the link to their site

2. Then I tried on the deap sea hydrability moisturizer.  It surprised me when I opened the pack that the content was really watery.  It was my first time to ever try a moisturizer that feels literally like I’m just putting water.  I was thinking, is this just more expensive option to an evian spritzer??  I had the feeling that this type of moisturization was inadequate for my very dry skin.  So I rummaged through my samples and check if there was another moisturizer type product.

3.  I saw the Red:Juvenus moisturizer/emulsifier and used it on top of the watery moisturizer and it felt perfect.  I got the proper balance of feeling hydrated but not oily.  I did these steps at night and tweaked it in the morning by replacing the Red:Juvenus with Shu Uemura’s BB perfector.


I followed the above steps religiously in the next couple of days.  My skin was starting to feel changes.  It was scary at first as it felt like my pores were becoming visible and my skin was stretching.  I wanted to stop altogether, but I reminded myself that like any skincare routine, it takes a while before you see the proper effect.  So wait I did.

After the initial reaction that scared me, I noticed that my pores were going back to the way they used to be – non existent to the naked eyes!  The tiny lines on my forehead were diminishing and my skin looked plumper rather than sagging.  Yes I discovered a new skincare line that felt comfortable to my skin and hydrating it properly while relaxing my lines.  I love it! Now my Artist Circle card has another use :)  Yey!

So guys the next time you pass by a Shu Uemura store don’t just check out the make-up.  Check the skin care line too ;) This is not a paid advertisement haha! Just wanted to share with you what I have discovered.